Try Something New #1

Try Something New

So as you read on my about page, this entire blog is about stepping outside your box, “breaking your strand ” so I decided that every week I have to try something new! Even if it is as small as trying out a new candle scent or as big as going sky diving, thats what this is all about.

Today I am going to start a new book The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci! As said by GoodReads “In eighteen interlocking chapters, Dr. Ferrucci reveals that the kindest people are the most likely to thrive, to enable others to thrive, and to slowly but steadily turn our world away from violence, self-centeredness, and narcissism- and toward love”

The Power of Kindness

A big shoutout to my sister Michelle for telling me about this book, I am more than excited to crack it open tonight and get reading! It was only $1.05 on Amazon, talk about saving a pretty penny!

Happy Tuesday!

~the quaint pearl  

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The Quaint Pearl: Mission Statement

So, you’re right, I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never found a good enough excuse to do so, but isn’t that what everyone says at some point in their life? Anything along the lines of I want to or I wish I had, well here I am, finally doing it! Now you ask, what is my excuse? Allergies. My sudden allergies opened my eyes to a whole new world, no not just of food I can eat but of everything I have never tried before or ignored. Things, yes, as in food, but also people, opportunities, exercises, jokes, jobs, toe socks, adventures ect.

Everyone grows up attached to a number of ties, even if they don’t admit it, everyone does. Whether its the tight tie you have to being afraid of heights, or the tie to the expectations that your community has for you, the ties to only the sports and activities that you friends think are “cool” or the food you eat. We call it the “bubble” where I am from- but everyone has this long twisted, knotted tie they need to cut in order to see the rest of the world, in order to live and experience everything you never knew was even there.

My Mission Statement:

To break the strand of your great grandmothers pearl necklace and start your own legacy.

Start your legacy with no norms, no expectations and nothing holding you down. Strive to live in the present, surround yourself by who you want to be with while doing everything in your wildest dreams without letting any string hold you back.

~ the quaint pearl



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