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Carly Jaclyn

So, you’re right, I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never found a good enough excuse to do so, but isn’t that what everyone says at some point in their life? Anything along the lines of I want to or I wish I had, well here I am, Carly Jaclyn, finally doing it! Now you ask, what is my excuse? Allergies. That awful word that when you hear it you think of little Johnny in your third grade class having a bad allergic reaction to peanuts and ruining your strong PB&J game for the rest of the year. See, my story is a little different than that. I was the little princess on the block that only ate macaroni and cheese for dinner {because fish smelled bad} aka I’m the youngest of four kids, and when I say four I really mean 24+. Whether your counting my 16 cousins and their kids that I am in very close contact with or all of my brother’s best friends that always thought that for some reason they could be my second, third, fourth… twentieth protective older brother, I’ve always been surrounded or what others may say, babied, by others. I can’t say I always got what I wanted but but I definitely cannot complain about the years I have under my belt. But, for some reason, things started to get more challenging starting summer of 2014. I found myself very sick due to that ugly bold word up there that we don’t speak of. Whether it was getting physically sick, breaking out in a rash or just feeling all around crappy, it really took a toll on my life. At first I thought it was the end of the world, “oh no Im never going to be able to eat good food again, my life is over”, but it didn’t exactly turn out that way. Although I am still going through testing trying to figure out exactly what I am actually allergic to, I learned so incredibly much from this. Yeah yeah I know it sounds stupid saying “food changed my life” but it really did and in more ways than one. It has not only taught me about clean eating but also about life itself. I missed a lot of school, a lot of parties and girl talk due to either not feeling well or going home for testing but at the same time I gained so much knowledge about myself. I had time to reflect on the life I was living, the decisions I had made in my past and the ones I was in the process of making. I found that there is so much more to life then I ever noticed; In the end absolutely nothing matters other than if you, yourself, I, me over here, is physically and emotionally happy. You can do everything in the world to please other people or live up to everyone else’s expectations but if you aren’t happy in the process then you aren’t living the one life you are dealt, you’re living theirs. Its not about knowing where you will be in 10 years let alone 5 minutes but about what you’re learning from each pearl and if you are doing it for you.

Now you ask, Why “the quaint pearl”?

The pearl gemstone has always been very close to my heart because, yes, it may be my birthstone but also because I believe in what it symbolizes:

[Pearl ] A symbol of wisdom through experience; attracts good fortune and luck; It is the gemstone of integrity and loyalty and new beginnings.

[Quaint] (adj) Attractively strange in an amusing way

{All together} This is a blog written by a strange, food loving but somehow amusing, optimist looking to leave you some of her pearls along her way to finding her good fortune

~the quaint pearl

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